Who We Are


    We are a group of young mothers who grew up in China , studied and worked in the United States for over ten years , and recently returned to China. In the United States, we enjoyed the community libraries it had to offer. Their convenience, abundance, and user-friendliness attracted everybody , especially children , to enjoy books affordably. 
    After coming back to China, we Looked for community libraries and found them in very short supply . We then decide putting our resources together to set up the Peekabook House, a community based children’s English-Chinese library. Here we select high quality books appropriate for children age 0-15.Many of the books are rare to find for children in China.


-Ms. Birong HU
Ph. D UCLA; Ms. UCSC; BS, Beijing University. Employed in Aglient and other companies . returned to Beijing in 2005.
-Ms. Yi Wang
    MS, Oregon state University ;BS, Tsinghua University .
Worked in GE at many engineering and management positions for more than 10 years. Returned to Beijing in 2003  
-Ms. Ming Luo 
    MS, Stanford University; BS; Tsinghua University . Worked in Standford as a researcher for over 10 years. Returned to Beijing in 2003.
-Ms. Aidong Ning
    MS, VES, Tsinghua University .Studied in UCSB . Joined CLI and CISCO as a software engineer. Returned to Beijing in 2006.
-Ms. Donna Kong
    MS, UC Davis ; BS, University of Washington in Seattle. Employed by Lipton and Dreyer for 8 years. Returned to Beijing in 2005.


Peekabook Team &Management
    Currently Peekabook’s management is carried out by the founders as volunteers.
    Peekabook staff is hired with full time employees, part time employees, and volunteers . In each library ,we have a manager and several teacher are prolific in English and / or have a degree in children’s education .They love children and are very responsible. Ever since we started, everyone her has been very passionate in Peekabook and our team has created stable, positive library environment.
    Peekabook also welcomes and encourages volunteers to join in. Currently we have a volunteer pool consisting high school students, school teacher, and stay-home moms. We believe that participation is key in building up community.