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About us

Founded in Beijing by a group of enthusiastic Chinese American Woman, Peekabook House is the first and only non-profit ,non-governmental ,children’s public library in China. The bookhouse provides a unique English and Chinese bilingual environment for ordinary Chinese children in the community. In addition to currently providing 10,000 copies of top-related English and Chinese book, the library also offers various fun activities to create and celebrate a happy reading atmosphere, a welcoming learning environment, and a peek view into the world of merging cultures.


As the old Chinese adage says that “it takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to cultivate a man”……

Who We Are

We are a group of young mothers who grew up in China , studied and worked in the United States for over ten years.……

What we do

Peekabook not only offers library service, but also has class training , consulting and varieties of children activities


We are relocated to China from Canada for job reason. Among many challenges we have to face after the moving, we found the toughest is……

Support us

Peekabook House is a budding young organization. There are many obstacles ahead . We need you support to make Peekabook……



What we do

-Library service and reading guidance Mon-Sat 9:30-8:30
-Story telling time in English and Chinese, art crafting once a day
-English singing and dancing, English reading game and reading class once a week
-Other seasonal activities: culture exchange seminar, summer camp , winter camp, holiday event and birthday party.

Site Information

Wanliu Library

Address: 203#,Bishuiyuntianyiyuan Bldg.1, Haidian Dist. Beijing,CHN

Sanyuanqiao Library

Address: F.305, Jia 5# galleria Shuguangxili, Chaoyang Dist. Beijing, CHN
Tel: 010-58668064

Xishantingyuan Library

Address: Xishantingyuan Club, Xiaojiahe Rd. Haidian, Beijing, CHN
Tel: 010-62827572

Tiyuguanlu Library

Address: 316#, Community Service Center, Juzhang Hutong, Fahuasi St. Tiyuguan Rd. Dongcheng Dist. Beijing,CHN Tel: 010-67118629

Tiancunlu Library

Address: Tiancunyizhan, Shenghuali Community Bldg. 6, Haidian Dist. Beijing, CHN
Tel: 010-68219132

Shanghai Library

Shanghai Pudong Dingxiang Road
TEL:+86 021-50338593

Opening Times

Tuesday-Sunday 9:30~21:30